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General Information
While the national provider makes every reasonable effort to provide information that is as comprehensive, accurate and clear as possible, the information provided on this site is necessarily of a general nature and may not address the specific circumstances of a particular individual.
Simple Descriptions
Responses to queries, and the contents of, and documents on, or available from, this site describe schemes and services as simply as possible. These schemes and services may involve technically complex issues (for example, legal issues). The information provided or the simple descriptions available on, or via, this site may not address all such issues, or address them in sufficient detail for your particular needs.
Your Particular Circumstances
If you wish to find out what your particular position is in your own particular circumstances, or if have an enquiry about any particular entitlements or services that may be available to you, you may need to seek appropriate professional, or other, advice and/or contact the particular agency or agencies responsible.
No legal or other professional advice given
 Any matter contained in this website must not be regarded or construed as any piece of advice for the concrete situation of anybody, as all the topics and matters are treated in a general way. Therefore, the contents and/or opinions expressed in this website, do not substitute by any means the consultation and/or advice by a debt-advice professional-(and/or specialized consumer association/ institution)- personally attending to the consumer and examining to its particular financial/legal and social situation . Therefore, any content appearing on the website must be construed as merely informative, and not as any personal advice. In addition, this website does not reflect any opinion or advice of the EU Commission. Its contents is responsibility only of the national provider
Timely update
The bankruptcy law and other legal regulations may be continuously changing. We are not responsible for not having timly updated the legal situation.
Information Only
The  national provider provides information on, and on the availability of, schemes and services. It is not responsible for the schemes or services, nor for the way in which such schemes or services may be operated and administered in practice
All information on this website has to be controlled by yourself whether it is applicable for your case/situation
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